Urban Decay Naked Palette

For about the last year, I’ve been working on using up my UD Naked eye shadow palette. I’ve had a couple other palettes in rotation as well, and there were a few months where I wasn’t wearing any make-up, but I’m still amazed at how long it actually takes to use up eye shadow!

When I started, the palette was basically new – I had owned it for a few years, but hardly used it. By December 2015, I had hit pan on the 2 colors I had focused on until then – Toasted and Hustle. Since then, I’ve made an effort to use more variety, and wear shadow every day. The easiest way to wear shadow everyday for me has been to just do a single color all over the lid, and I’ve also switched to using Creep and Darkhorse as eyeliners with a wet liner brush.

Progress as of Dec 11, 2015:


Progress as of June 15, 2016:


It feels great to have hit pan on half of the shadows, but I estimate that I’ve probably still only used a quarter to third of the total amount of shadow in the palette! At this rate, I think it would take me another couple years to actually finish it completely, which is quite eye opening.


Project Polish

I have such a large collection of polish, I thought I’d start a project polish to help whittle down my stash.
Picking a color ends up taking me forever, so I pulled out 10 polishes to focus on for the winter season. I figure I’ll change the polishes by season, but also include a few that I would wear all the time (neutrals). Ideally, I’d like to finish at least a couple polishes a season as well, which seems reasonable since I paint my nails every week.

Here are the colors I’ve chosen beginning now through March 2016:

Bondi Fuschia-istic, Bondi Tavern on the, Ulta Steppin Out
The Bondi colors are barely used, though Fuschia-istic does have a slight dip. Ulta Steppin Out is half empty.

Julep Alice, Julep Lynn, Julep Joy
Alice and Lynn have noticeable dips, and Joy is almost half empty.

Sephora by Opi Mauve-ie Star in the Making, Revlon Sugar Plum, The Balm Root Beer Gloat, Deborah Lippmann Luftballoons
These are all either completely new, or only used for one mani.

February Product Reviews, Part 2

Deluxe/Travel Size:
Bath and Body Works Volumizing Shampoo – Lathered well, but it may have been too drying for my hair.
Bath and Body Works Volumizing Conditioner – Not quite nourishing enough for my hair, especially after the shampoo.
Mario Badescu Healing and Soothing Mask – I had a couple uses of this and it left my skin feeling soft. I didn’t notice any specific benefits of this, but my skin was also doing fine already when I used it.
Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Shampoo – Great clarifying shampoo without being too drying. I’d use this regularly.
Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Conditioner – I don’t like this any more than any other conditioner.. no major complaints, but I couldn’t see myself using it regularly.

Obliphica by Hairkop Intensive Nourishing Hair Mask – I was amazed by this the first time I used it, and saved the other half for a day when I wanted my hair to look great.. except it didn’t work anywhere near as well the second time.
Skin Food Gold Kiwi Toner – I liked the way this smelled, but it took a while to soak into my skin. May work as an evening toner, but not ideal for my rushed AM routine.
Skin Food Honey Rich Body Wash – This definitely reminded me of honey in texture and color. It lathered up well on a loofah, but I did not like the musky scent of it. Couldn’t really place what it was.. maybe musky lilac?

Memebox Special #71 Wish Upon a Mask




Banila Co. Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack
I love clay masks, but this was a bit dry to use well. I usually added water to make it more manageable to get on, and it left my skin feeling soft.


AHC Real Aqua Velvet Sleeping Pack
Since I don’t have dry skin, I don’t really need such a rich sleeping pack. Apparently this can also just be used as a moisturizer. It does have a lot of good ingredients for your skin, so I’ve been using it as a sleeping mask on the nights I also use the AHC serum from the brighten and correct box.


Shara Shara Real Sauce Mung Bean Sheet Mask
I love sheet masks! These were great, my first mung bean type.


To The Nature Black Rice Hydrogel Eye Patches
These work as well as others I’ve tried. I think I just prefer eye cream to patches, though these are more comfortable than the Purederm ones I’ve tried before.


Purederm Yogurt Wash Off Pack in Strawberry
This is a nice yogurt mask that leaves my skin feeling soft. It smells just like strawberry yogurt that you would eat.


Inoface Modeling Cup Pack
I haven’t given this a try yet because I’m quite intimidated by the process.. apparently this dries down to a solid that you just lift off, but care must be taken when mixing and applying to make sure your drain doesn’t clog. Scary!

I quite enjoyed this box. I felt like there was a nice variety in the type of masks, which was perfect. I would have preferred even more sheet masks, but that’s just because I’m obsessed with them!

February Product Reviews, Part 1


Full size:
Gloss Moderne High-Gloss Shampoo – I loved this shampoo. It smelled great and left my hair feeling moisturized but not weighed down.

Deluxe/Travel Size:
Boscia Restorative Night Moisture Cream – I got this from Sephora at some point, but it wasn’t well suited for my oily skin. I ended up finishing it off as a bedtime hand cream.
C.O. Bigelow No 4103 Shampoo – Finally finished the last one, just not a huge fan.
C.O. Bigelow No 4104 Conditioner – ditto!
Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain – This is one of my favorite lip products. I prefer the sample size because it’s easier to keep with me compared to the full size, which I also own. I wish they sold the minis in packs of 3 or something.
Mario Badescu Botanical Facial Gel – I found this difficult to get out of the packaging. I wasn’t fond of the texture, and it didn’t really leave my skin feeling clean.
Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover – Repeat empty, as I ended up buying a bunch of these on clearance once to use for gifts that didn’t happen. My favorite remover is Zoya Remove+ but for the price, this is a decent enough alternative.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose – Found this in the back of a drawer. Smelled off, and I’m over these anyway.
Papaya Bar Soap – deluxe sample or hotel soap, not quite sure, but I just didn’t like it. (not pictured)
Urban Decay Velvet Eyeliner in Black Velvet – I got this in an ipsy bag and really wanted to love it, but it always ended up flaking off all over, so it was time to go!

Sheet Masks:
Pure Smile Essence Mask, Yogurt – I received this mask as an extra in a swap. It had a pleasant scent and left my skin feeling soft. The sheet was the perfect size for my petite face, which was nice since most tend to be too large.
Holika Holika Juicy Mask Sheet, Tea Tree – Nice mask, fit well. Could definitely tell there was tea tree, but I didn’t find it irritating or anything.

Memebox Special #73 Brighten and Correct




I received this memebox as part of a bundle with the Wish Upon a Mask box. I think this box could have been better curated if it had a toner instead of one of the creams, that way you have all the components of a routine.


AHC Hologram Collection Whitening Serum
I’ve heard a lot of people won’t be using this serum because it’s alcohol based. Besides the alcohol, this serum appears to be full of ingredients that are good for your skin. I did not notice any drying effects while using this, if anything, it was somewhat hydrating. Now that I’m not using it, I do feel it helped my skin look brighter/smoother.


Ariul Spa Water 24Hours Moisturizing De-Tox Mask
The instructions say to apply to your face and wait for it to bubble. As it bubbles, add water and massage. The bubbles go into your pores and help remove gunk. It definitely does do these foaming thing, and is quite enjoyable to use.


Boscians Cycle Repair Whitening Spot
I was initially using this as an under eye cream and spot treatment to lighten some blemishes, but it works well as just a whitening lotion used all over.


Ladykin Broccoli Super Brightening Cream
I’ve heard a lot about how much people love the broccoli toner, so I had high hopes the cream is just as great. This is a face or body cream that helps even out skin tone and fine lines. I’ve been using this at night with the hologram serum. It’s a bit heavy but not in an overwhelming way.


WITHME White Perfection Hydrating Cream
This is super runny and kind of hard for me to use in the packaging it’s in. A pump would have worked better than tube. It does leave skin feeling smooth, almost like a silicone based primer.

Overall, this was a great box. I was able to fit everything into some aspect of my daily routine. I will update later on the progress as far as long term effects on skin.