Holiday Mani

I wanted to try something a bit different this week with my nails. I had seen a photo of a candy cane mani done by a local salon, and thought I’d give a go to a simpler version of it. For this mani, I used the other two polishes from the December 2014 SquareHue collection – Joulupukin Pajakyla and Sampokeskus.

Joulupukin Pajakyla is a cranberry red  microglitter with some magenta undertones in the glitter (at least to me.. it’s definitely not just a red). It’s a gorgeous color with depth, and I can see myself reaching for it often even outside the holidays. The formula was great, opaque in just 2 coats.

Sampokeskus is a light gold textured microglitter. I’m not a fan of the way it looks when it dries matte and textured, so I topped it with a glossy topcoat (Seche Vite). The formula is a bit thick, but it dries quickly and is opaque in just one coat.


This was my first time doing this kind of tape mani – I used striping tape for the candy cane accent nail. As someone who tends to just wear simple polish with perhaps a glitter accent every now and then, this was definitely outside my comfort zone. I may have to make some effort more often though, as I’ve loved looking at my nails even more this week than usual!

What is your nail style? Do you notice you stick with the same types of colors and styles, or are you a bit more adventurous? I’d love to hear your favorite nail looks for the holiday season!


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