I went a bit wild last year with the subscription boxes, even going as far to have 2 BirchBox subscriptions at once sometimes! When I found out my financial situation was going to be changing at the end of the summer this year, I decided to cancel just about everything (I kept Sample Society and SquareHue) and focus on using up the numerous amounts of products I had collected instead. The first thing I did was pull out all of the different items and start organizing them – a lot of the items from BB were still sitting in their boxes, which I had started to stack on a shelf in my closet.

After seeing just how many different kinds of primers, creams, sunscreens, serums, night creams, etc. I had collected, I knew I could not let myself buy anything else until I had gone through and tried the items that could work for me, and traded away those that I knew I wouldn’t use. So I set a goal for myself to not succumb to any deals, no matter how good. The SS and SH subs had kept me the happiest, which is why I kept them, but I have suspended SH for now because I just have no more space for nail polish right now. The goal now is to blog about the products I use every week – stay tuned!


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